Company Overview

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Limited is a private company incorporated in Kenya and headquartered in Nairobi. The Company provides a number of consultancy and advisory services pertinent to the upstream oil and gas industry in the greater East Africa Region, namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and the Northern part of Mozambique. Significant crude oil reserves have been discovered in Kenya and Uganda while Tanzania and Mozambique have enormous gas reserves. There are multiple other onshore and offshore areas where oil and gas exploration and appraisal activities are ongoing. The development of these crude oil and natural gas resources will require many advisory services that are not available locally since the upstream oil and gas industry is not yet established in the Greater East Africa Region.

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd provides a rare commodity in East Africa today, that is upstream oil and gas professionals with worldwide experience but particularly in East Africa through their early involvement in the recent successful exploration and appraisal campaigns in the region. As such, the Wataalamu Oil Consultancy experts have an intimate knowledge of the history of the activities that were conducted in East Africa. Our experts have indeed occupied some of the highest technical functions during the exploration and appraisal of the oilfields in Kenya and Uganda.

The experience acquired over the past 10 years is immensely valuable today to all parties wishing to consider an entry and a participation in the developing upstream oil and gas industry in the Greater East Africa Region. Wataalamu Oil Consultancy’s experts have direct practical expertise in the conduct of oil and gas operations in East Africa; this will ensure fit-for-purpose activities that are conducted at low cost and in a timely manner.

The consulting services offered by Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd. range from traditional technical services (geophysical, geological, petroleum engineering) to the design of work programs and the management of the their execution in the field. The advisory services cover the situation of the oil and gas licenses, the current state of the oil and gas industry in East Africa, the available business opportunities, the availability of local resources and alternatives in their absence, and the practical considerations for moving forward a project in an efficient and diligent manner in a region where traditional upstream resources are non-existent.