East Africa and Oil & Gas

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd. has experienced the lack of information and of oil and gas services in East Africa, which creates a difficult path to understand the business environment, the available projects and opportunities, and makes as such moving forward a tedious process. Our company is a repository of information for oil and gas ventures in East Africa, which shortens the process of progressing a project to decision-making stages. It also has the ability to collect information in a rapid and cost effective manner, a task that is commonly difficult for new entrants in a region, even more so in East Africa where the oil and gas industry is yet to be established.

Entry into a pioneer upstream oil and gas region can be a cumbersome for upstream operators, service companies, and investors. It is indeed hard to operate in an environment that is still in a very early stage as compared to mature oil provinces. There is an absence of petroleum regulations, service companies, people and skills. It is however possible to operate well in such an environment.

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd. relies on a decade-long experience working in East Africa on large projects; it has been exposed to a large number of challenges, whether technical, legal, social, or scarcity of resources, and has accumulated much knowledge, understanding of the local framework, and has developed a database for specific resources of operational nature (logistics, permitting, materials, etc.) as well as for people. There are today a few East African people that have been trained by the upstream operators and who are available to provide the skills that are needed. As such, Watalaamu Oil Consultancy provides the following guidance to entities desirous to enter the nascent East Africa oil and gas industry:

  • Logistics
  • Customs clearance
  • Where to setup an operations base
  • Warehousing
  • Technical permits needed to conduct operations (compliance)
  • Finding skilled people for the project
  • Services available (in Kenya and in the county of operations)
  • Field offices
  • Materials available
  • Tendering
  • Technical contracts
  • Management of field operations
  • Social license to operate and conflict resolution (through InteStrat)