Why Us

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd provides a rare commodity in East Africa today, that is upstream oil and gas professionals with worldwide experience but particularly in East Africa through their early involvement in the recent successful exploration and appraisal campaigns in the region. As such, the Wataalamu Oil Consultancy experts have an intimate knowledge of the history of the activities that were conducted in East Africa. Our experts have indeed occupied some of the highest technical functions during the exploration and appraisal of the oilfields in Kenya and Uganda.

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd. focuses on the upcoming oil and gas developments that will take place in East Africa in the coming years, namely the Lake Albert oil fields in Uganda, the South Lokichar oil fields in Kenya, and the shallow offshore gas fields in Tanzania that have much potential for further development.

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd. also excels at low cost operations. Our field managers have a long tradition of running fit-for-purpose operations with a cost-conscious approach and tight cost control procedures. This is particularly important in a new oil and gas province such as East Africa, where oil and gas field operations can become very costly without the proper ways of working. Examples that have been applied in East Africa by our staff are the use of a crane to run completions in a well to test that well or the construction of evaporation ponds to dispose of produced water rather than costly water injection wells and the corresponding uncertainty regarding the sustainability of the water reinjection.

Upon request, Wataalamu Oil Consultancy works on projects outside of the Greater East Africa, mainly through the relationships of the staff that have worked in all parts of the world. Examples of such interventions outside of East Africa are production projects in mature oil fields in West Africa as well as the efficient utilization of natural gas that is currently flared in oil fields.

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy is participating as a technical advisor in a novel and exciting project in West Africa that it intends to assist deploying in Tanzania. The concept consists in replacing expensive diesel used by heavy industries by natural gas that is less expensive and cleaner to burn. This is particularly effective when one manages to utilize gas that is currently being flared. This concept relies on the implementation of a cost effective and efficient technology for the liquefaction of small quantities of gas and their transport to the sites of the industrial users where the liquid gas is re-gasified and then replaces a good amount of the diesel that was previously consumed.